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ASP Dichtstoffe GmbH


ASP is a leading developer, producer and packer of sealants, especially for silicone, acrylic and hybrid based products. Our own R&D department has an excellent record and decades of experience. The R&D team ensures the highest technical standards for the development of new products and is our source of innovation. It provides us with the necessary flexibility to adjust to the ever changing requirements of our industry.

Our mixing plant consists of vacuum mixers with capacities from 400 to 2200 litres designed especially for the production of sealants.

Our packing lines for cartridges (both 310ml and small cartridges), hose bags and tubes ensure high flexibility and maximum efficiency for delivery across all of Europe and the world.

Our partners are wholesalers, retailers and industry who retail our products with their own label and branding in the market place. We adjust to our clients individually to suit their specic marketing needs.

ASP dicht - IDC

Wir entwickeln, produzieren und konfektionieren Dichtstoffe für Großabnehmer in aller Welt. Unsere Kunden vertreiben die Produkte erfolgreich unter ihrem eigenen Markenlabel, da wir Produktqualität, Warenverpackung und Rahmenbedingungen speziell auf deren Anforderungen ausrichten.